Promoting Poetry in Scotland

Two Poems | roseanne watt



Him, the keeper of language, holds

up the blue harp of a porpoise jaw

for the wind to pluck at.


In the light of the lomm,

the mackerelled marble of his eye




Speaking Shaetlan


Here’s the trick:

pretend your mouth is full

            of stones.


Feel the dead weight


                    on your tongue,


the way this opens

            your throat, turning your mouth


into a cave,

            a wide darkness.


Then (and this is crucial)

                            let them



still spit-warm from your lips

and watch


how they could shatter

on impact



            which they struck,

            how they could break


            like bone,

                       or bread.



The Winner of the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award for 2018 is roseanne watt