Promoting Poetry in Scotland

The Runner-up of the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award for 2016 is miriam nash

Two Poems | miriam nash



The seals along these rocks might be

         the men who manned the boats a year before,


the bones along the shore: a girl

                  who lent her body as a ladder

         to a King’s son

                    climbing down a well.


Whisper potato to potatoes,

                                     beet to beets.


Don’t touch the carrot hair too soon.


These trees each have their name

but you may call them birch.


You make a rule now. Follow it with me.




At my Parents’ Wedding


Between the salads of quinoa and bulgur wheat,

my father’s mother slipped a whole cured ham.

All afternoon, children of vegetarians

came running with their wild, broad-bean eyes

and begged for some. A special understanding

grows between those who peer in from the edges

at the essential, middle generation, thought

my soon-to-be-grandmother, as she carved.